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We are a pumpernickel and wholemeal bread bakery from Lippstadt. We only use the best quality rye, since 1927. This is directly processed in our own mill. Experience, efficiency, our high quality standards, and our passion for our products set us apart. Get to know us!

Baking tradition since 1876

Selected raw materials & gentle processing

Wholemeal bread varieties for every taste


We exclusively bake with original, healthy wholemeal rye

And from this, we create nutritious bread specialities with an unmistakable taste – needless to say, without preservatives.
such variety, so tasty

Our Products

A matter close to our heart


In the interests of future generations, it is important to us that we act sustainably and responsibly today: economically, socially and ecologically.

Responsibility for people

We take responsibility for people: Not only for the people who buy and eat our products, but also for the people who supply us and for the people who work with us. It is our employees who produce our products to the highest quality every day.

We want qualified and motivated employees who identify with Modersohn’s Mühlen- und Backbetrieb GmbH. That is why we provide new colleagues with intensive training at their respective places of work.

It is important to us that our employees benefit from a pleasant working environment and feel comfortable with us. This is why we pay attention to their respective family and private needs. On the other hand, we design their workplaces to be employee-friendly with the help of our occupational health and safety system.

Energy and resource efficiency

We take responsibility for our environment. Sustainable and prudent use of energy and raw materials is a matter of course for Modersohn’s Mühlen- und Backbetrieb GmbH.

We have already been able to significantly reduce our energy consumption through energy-saving measures such as replacing and improving insulation and temporarily lowering boiler temperatures or switching them off at weekends when we are not working. However, our efforts do not end there. Sustainability aspects are always taken into account in our decision-making processes for planned investments and maintenance work.

We work with suppliers whose goods and services enable us to meet our customers’ requirements in terms of the quality of our products. Responsible handling of agricultural produce and raw materials as well as fair dealings with business partners are an important basis for our company.

Sustainable resource management means that bread waste generated during production is recycled. Delivery packaging is sorted and sent for recycling.

Our products

We take responsibility for our products. The quality and safety of Modersohn’s Mühlen- und Backbetrieb GmbH baked goods are shaped by consumer requirements and satisfaction. To ensure the trust of our consumers and customers in our quality capability, we act in accordance with high quality standards and the hygiene rules that apply to our company.

We work according to the International Featured Standard Food (IFS) and all specified customer standards, which include food fraud prevention and food defense. Every year, we strive for certification at a higher level.



The high-fiber Modersohn breads offer very high quality and safety standards. The raw materials, which come exclusively from specially tested suppliers, must meet precise specifications and undergo strict quality controls in order to be used by Modersohn. In addition, the entire production process is constantly checked for compliance with quality standards in terms of product safety and taste.